эссе Экологические проблемы-помощь в написании


письменного высказывания с элементами рассуждения


Ecological problems


Some people think that they can’t solve the world’s environmental problems on their own and that the government must care about these problems, others think the other way round.

What is your opinion? Is it the duty of the government or every person can make his contribution in solving this problem?

Remember that you have to express your opinion concisely and clear, not less than 4 times without any ambiguous meaning.

Vocabulary which can help you in writing this essay:

Disastrous ( severe) consequences

Гибельные последствия

Greenhouse effect

Парниковый эффект

To pollute the atmosphere

Загрязнять атмосферу

Recycle cans, bottles

Перерабатывать банки. Бутылки

To protect rare animals and plants

Защищать редких животных и растения

Unfit for living

Неподходящий для жизни

Ecology projects

Экологические проекты

To control air and water pollution

Destruction of wildlife

To influence public opinion

To concern everybody

To threaten human life

To use less washing up liquids

To be convinced that


Совместное использование машины по дороге на работу

To disappear at an alarming rate


Soil erosion

The lungs of our planet




To pick up herbs

The increasing number of

A significant amount of

Variety of insects, plants and birds

Disposal of waste

Избавление от отходов

Landfill sites

Мусорные свалки

Water supplies

Запасы воды

Obvious solution

To sort rubbish into different categories

To reduce gradually

Постепенно сокращать

Purified water

Очищенная вода

Suffer from drought and salt

Страдать от засухи и

To encounter new diseases

Столкнуться с новыми болезнями

Can’t afford to ignore

Не могу позволить проигнорировать

Environmentally friendly


Сточные воды

Heavy downpour

Сильный ливень





Use the following plan:

make introduction

give arguments to prove your personal opinion (2-3)

give arguments for the opposite point of view (1-2)

explain why you don’t agree with it

draw a conclusion

Step1. Introduction

Exam tip

- Try to paraphrase the topic statement, using different grammatical structures and vocabulary. -Remember to express your opinion.

-You can ask a rhetorical question or use a famous saying.

Use the following beginnings for you introduction:

It is often said…

Nowadays, we are becoming aware of the fact that…

There is no doubt that …

Many people are convinced that…

It is well-known that…

There seems to be…

Step 2. The body of the essay

There are 3 paragraphs in it:

Your opinion

Opposite opinion

Explain why you do not agree with the opposing opinion

Use the following expressions:

Personally, I think

To my mind,

In my opinion,

I strongly feel that

I believe that

Think about style

- use neutral style and avoid overgeneralizations

-Don’t use contractions (can’t, don’t etc.)

-Avoid simple sentences

Think about linking words to introduce arguments


To begin with



On the one hand,…/ on the other hand

First of all,

I should like to consider

To add arguments you can use the following expressions:

Для добавления аргументов можно использовать такие выражения как:


In addition,

What’s more,



Step 3 Conclusion

Think about language

To sum up,

To summarize.

All in all,

On the whole,

In conclusion,

To conclude,

IV Example of the body of the essay

With the progress of humanity a lot of environmental problems have appeared. They spoil people’s life, so humans try to overcome them, at least to reduce level of pollution. However, many people think environmental problems are not their concern, and the authorities should take care of nature.

To my mind, if you want to change the world, you should change yourself first. You can talk about environmental problems and not take action. The government cannot solve these issues without support of citizens. First of all, people ought to love and respect wildlife. Besides, they have to be active and responsible for not relying on the government in all cases. For instance, everybody can throw rubbish into bins and use plastic bags several times etc.

Other people believe only government is able to protect the environment. Firstly, they are sure citizens are not born with the desire to be environmentally friendly. The government has to adopt the laws and make people follow them. Secondly, the government has funds to implement nature-protecting programs.

I cannot agree with this point of view. As for me, despite the good will the authorities are not able to keep an eye on putting these laws into practice. So they are useless. In addition, the government has other important purposes to spend money as pensions, housing, improving of infrastructure etc.

In conclusion, I want to say that government and citizens should take action together to protect the environment and not to kill themselves.