эссе на английском языке Boys and girls should attend separate schools

Boys and girls should attend separate schools. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Use specific reason and examples to support your answer.

Some people said that it would be better for students to attend separate schools. In my opinion, student should not attend separate schools for following reasons.

First and foremost, that boys and girls are studying in a school means that they can get an equal education. The girls even study what the boys study. They are in the same classroom, studying from the same books. If they are in separate schools, these may be different. By studying together, girls get the same education as boys. This helps them work toward having equality in society.

Furthermore, studying in the same school helps students understand each other. I still remember a very meaningful statement of Chinese famous educator Confucius. He said: “There is always someone to learn from”. “That means others can be our teachers in various occasions”. When boys and girls study in the same school, they may have the chance to become friends. They see each other as normal people. On the contrary, attending separate schools, students may be like a fish out of water. Boys and girls can lose their confidence when facing up to each other because they are studying in separate schools and rarely see each other.

Last but not least, by attending the same school, boys and girls learn to work together. Some people say that they should study separate because they have many different learning styles. I think it is better to study together. This gives them a precious opportunity for exchanging their learning styles. I believe that it will help them work more professionally in the future.

To sum up, that boys and girls study in the same school is really an effective and popular form of education. Once again, I totally support the idea that boys and girls should not attend separate schools.