эссе parents

Keep children in safety and make them good persons this are the reasons that parents and teachers set up rules. But would it be good for children to live in limited space? From my point of view is a bad idea to grow up children cramped environment. All the people need some freedom to be substantive and for self-realization.

Usually parents do not allow their children to do things that they do not do. They do not want to go beyond and live their habitual life. Rules make some gates from world dangers. Although some people do not want to their children repeat their mistakes and become different. But I think that rules must be reasonable and fair. Parents need to make rules on the assumption of their children’s preferences and nature.

On the other hand giving to children too much freedom we can spoil them and even full under lion in the way. But children can find their way and become interesting persons being in liberty.

All in all in my opinion parents have to find some balance between strength rules and surplus of freedom growing up their kids, because not everything in the world is dangerous and riskily. Young people need to go by themselves and live their own lifes.