In the first stage, I built in city: two Hydro , Conservation , two Wind , Petroleum, bimass ,Geothermal .

In the second stage, I built in city: Hydrogen, Conservation, Solar, Hydro.

Hydroelectric required city , as it provides a reliable and lifelong supply of industrial centers . Very large role lies in the fact that increased productivity of river transport .

Conservation is needed for each city , as it limits the emissions into the atmosphere and hydrosphere, with the aim of improving the overall environmental situation is also a creation of nature reserves, national parks to preserve natural systems . Limitation of emissions garbage .

Wind benefit is that the transition to wind power will allow affect the rate of decrease in the ozone layer, and, consequently, on the rate of global warming. And Petroleum offers significant benefits to people . With its use we generate heat , it drives the cars , tractors and vehicles. Without any motor stops due to friction . And the benefit of geothermal power plants that geothermal power for work does not require fuel supplies from external sources. And the work of geothermal power is not accompanied by harmful or toxic emissions .

Space solar power station useful to the city in that it significantly reduces thermal pollution .