Урок в 8 классе по теме Fine dress helps to impress

“Fine dress helps to impress”

Цели и задачи:


Формирование и развитие коммуникативных умений учащихся на основе языковых, лингвострановедческих и социокультурных знаний, навыков: умения воспринимать на слух и понимать небольшие сообщения активизировать изученный лексико-грамматический материал, учить вести обмен мнениями;


Развитие языковых, интеллектуальных и познавательных способностей,  чувств и эмоций школьников, готовности к коммуникации,   развитие креативных способностей,  умение проектировать, интеллектуальное развитие учащихся, формирование логического мышления.


Воспитание уважительного отношения к учителям, воспитание интереса к учению и формирование познавательной активности

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, проектор, раздаточный материал, аудиозаписи.

I. Организационный момент.

Greetings: Good afternoon boys and girls! Nice to see you!

Short dialogues with expressions.

What we say when we meet people.How are you?How are you getting on?How are you getting on with your study?How are things?How is your mum? How is she feeling?Is anything wrong?What’s the matter?


Fine, thank you.I’m all right, thank you.Not bad. Not too well.So, so.Middling.Very much the same.Very pretty.

II. Актуализация языкового материала

TEACHER: The topic of our lesson is FINE DRESS HELPS TO IMPRESS and we our going to speak about clothes and they influence our character. Let’s get started.

1. We have learned some proverbs about clothes and appearance. Try to guess what I mean.

1. A thing liked by one man can’t be loved by another one. Different people prefer different things.


2. Greet a person according to his clothes; take leaving according to what he knows.


3. Sometimes people who are considered to be beautiful can be rude and have bad manners.


4. Style is the best way to express yourself without having to speak (GOOD CLOTHES OPEN DOORS)

5. It’s very important to wear right clothes for different situations and very important to find your own style and to wear something that suits you and helps to express yourself (CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN)

2. Аудирование.

TEACHER: And now listen to the song “Jennifer” and fill in the missing words.

She is ………, And her eyes are ……., Her hair is …… and ……… She likes …….. and walking in the park. She smiles when she …… She ……. when she walks Her favourite colour is ……., She is a little bit …… She’s stylish and she’s ……. Oh, Jennifer, I …… you so, Oh, Jennifer, I need you …… and …… What’s she ….. ? What’s she like?She can more a cold day in …… With her smile in …….. But she never kissed me one of her smiles, What’s she like? I don’t know. What’s she like? I don’t know. I call her Jennifer But I don’t know her …….

Keys: 17, green, long dark, dancing, talks, smiles, blue, shy, cool, love, more, like, winter, eyes, name

(На интерактивной доске изображение девушки, схожей по описанию с Jennifer)

3TEACHER: Now look through the song again and describe the girl.

Приблизительный ответ учащихся:

She is a beautiful girl of 17. We don’t know for sure whether she is tall or not. We can suppose that her face with green eyes is very attractive. Her hair is long and dark. She is wearing stylish and cool clothes in blue because it’s her favourite colour. The author of the song considers her good natured because she smiles when she talks and sings when she walks. We also know that she likes dancing and walking in the park.

4. Работа в парах.

There are some pictures on the board, describe what people are wearing and how they look.

Приблизительные ответы учащихся:

This man is rather handsome. He is of average height, neither fat nor thin. He looks well built and muscular. His oval face is framed with stubble. His small brown eyes make him look a bit older than he is. His hair is short and fair. His wearing casual clothes. His shirt with long sleeves is striped. It matches his sportive jacket with a lot of pockets.

In the picture we can see a young woman in her early twenties. She is rather tall and slender. She has got an oval face with light complexion. Her large blue eyes with long eyelashes make her face romantic. Her look is rather expressive. Her hair is blond and shoulder length. She’s wearing sportive clothes. Her outfit consists of a black and grey striped polo shirt which makes her slimmer and white tight trousers. A white baseball cap helps to make her outfit completed. All in all she looks quite fashionable.

It’s a young woman of about 20-25 years old. She is pretty enough. She has an oval face with almond shaped hazel eyes. Her eyebrows are thick. A little beauty spot on her right cheek gives her good humored and florid look. She is wearing a checked jacket which matches her hat and bag and tight grey jeans. This outfit makes her mischievous but stylish.

In the picture you see the man of about 23 years old. He is tall. He looks muscular. He has got an oval face with a fascinating smile. His blue eyes radiate joy. His straight hair is fair. He is wearing a snow white shirt with long sleeves blue jeans and a classical suit with white and grey stripes. His style is considered to be classical as well as sportive.

In the picture we can see a very beautiful woman of about 20-25. She is tall. She has delicate face features with fair complexion. Her small nose and delicate lips make her look younger of her age. She is very smart in her outfit which consists of white blazer, a silk red blouse, and red striped trousers. She is also wearing red shoes with high heels.

III. Презентация проекта учащихся A SCHOOL UNIFORM

TEACHER: Clothes play an important in our life. And choice of course depends on the occasion. On the place we are going. As for students they have to wear a school uniform nearly every day. Is a good or a bad thing – this problem was investigated by Rezeda and her group. The floor is given to them.


School uniformevery dayWho looks coolIn navy and grey?You mustn’t wear trainersAnd your shoes are too dirtyYou must be hereAt eight-thirtyYou mustn’t wear lipstickYour heels are too highYou mustn’t wear earringsAnd where’s your tie?You must wear a blazerAnd tie your hair backYour socks must be whiteYour shoes must be blackAt last it’s the holidaysI can let down my hairBut I’m thinkingWhat shall I wear?

REZEDA: Who hasn’t heard such words? Everybody has. We looked into the problems connected with our school uniform. You see, we have to wear this outfit nearly half a day. That’s why it should be first of all beautiful, comfortable and cool. We decided to find out if teenagers like it or not. We interviewed students of all ages. Let’s listen to them.

(Идет фильм, снятый учащимися)

RADIK: So many people, so many opinions.

After thorough discussion we came to the conclusion that our school uniforms must be different from what we wear now. First of all it must be comfortable, practical, beautiful, not boring.

REZEDA: Now we’d like to offer you some outfits. It won’t be bad if we wear a folded skirt of bright colours, a nice cotton white shirt which is never out of fashion with a tie. It matches with a dark blue blazer and shoes with low heels of the same colour, a funny cap matching a bag and shoes. A dark leather bag will be the very thing. Now I think the outfit will be completed. We’d like to wear such a school uniform



Now let’s remember some adjectives that will help you to describe people’s characters. Listen to the definition of the adjectives and name them.

He always looks on the bright side of life. (OPTIMISTIC)

He worries a lot about what others think of him. (SENSITIVE)

He or she manages to stay calm in difficult situations. (PATIENT)

He or she mind working long hours.(HARDWORKING)

You can trust such a person. (RELIABLE)

He doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. (SELFISH)

He or she doesn’t feel comfortable with people. (SHY)

He knows what he wants and does everything in his power to make his dreams come true. (AMBITIOUS)

He is always in a good mood . (CHEERFUL)


TEACHER: Match the adjectives to their opposites.

(Интерактивная доска)

Optimistic Shy Selfish Reliable Stubborn Sincere Sensitive Sociable Patient Easy-going Confident Generous Pessimistic Flexible Unreliable Unsociable Irritable Impatient Insincere Insensitive


TEACHER: Now it’s time to act out conversations about appearance and character. What do people sometimes think about each other?

(Каждая пара учащихся получает свою ситуацию)

A new pupil.

1 – Do you know our new pupil?– Surely, well enough. He is my neighbour .– He seems to be a bit obstinate, doesn’t he?– Quite so! You’ve hit the nail on your head.

You don’t like one of the girls in your class.

2 – Why don’t you like Susan?– Well, I think she is rather light-minded.– Light– minded? You can never judge by appearances, you know.– I never do. The fact is she has let me down several times.

You express your opinion about one of the boys.

3 – Jack is rather honest .– What makes you think so?– Because he always speaks up his mind.– It isn’t exactly that way. I am sure you wouldn’t say so if you knew him better.

You express your opinion about one of the girls .

4 – Well, what can you say of Jane ?– She is not the person I like. .– Oh, you don’t think too much of her, surely.– No, not me. She has no control over her tongue.

You express your opinion about somebody’s hair-do.

5 – How do you like Dasha’s hair-do?– I find her hair too short.– But short hair is in fashion now.– Well, fashionable doesn’t always mean beautiful, you know.

Somebody was looking for you when you were out.

6 – Sam, someone came to see you when you were out.– Somebody I know?– Certainly. Try and guess. Someone tall with curly hair and freckled face – It was Nell, wasn’t it?– No, take another chance!


(Учащиеся представляют компьютерную презентацию об учителях, работающих в данном классе)

MATVEI: Our project is called “The TEACHERS WORKING IN OUR CLASS”.

We are three in our group: Polina, Masha and me, Matvei

Our task was to look into the problem what an ideal model of a modern teacher is and whether our teachers suit it.

POLINA: After thorough consideration we came to the conclusion that a teacher must be attractive and smartly dressed because we all know the proverb “FINE DRESS HELPS TO IMPRESS”.

MASHA: And then his or her traits of character come. A perfect teacher ought to know his subject well (COMPETENT)

MATVEI: He must know how to organize classwork in more efficient way. (INTELLEGENT)

POLINA: He or she must be able to maintain discipline in class and makes students work hard and sets high standards (FAIR STRICT)

MASHA: She must be interested in his students and understand their problems. (UNDERSTANDING)

POLINA: respect students’ opinions and their individuality (POLITE AND TACTFUL)


We asked students to write compositions about the teachers working in our class.

But they didn’t write their names. Your task is to guess who we are talking about.

MATVEI: (Учащиеся рассказывают о своих учителях, не называя имен, задача слушателей узнать в описании учителя)

Marina Anatolievna.

She has been teaching us for 4 years. Though she is young she knows her subject very well. She is tolerant and patient to us. She never shouts at us though we sometimes drive her crazy. This is she who gives us lessons of good and evil and helps us to understand the world. This is she who teaches us to treat people as we want to be treated by them. No doubt, we can trust and rely on her in any difficult situation. She will never fail us. She does everything in her power to make us friendly. To say more she has a good sense of humour. We do a lot of things with her: take part in different concerts, contests and others. When we are in trouble she is the first to come. She likes classical music Who is she?


Anastasia Michailovna.

This teacher has been working with us only for two years. But we have already loved her. She is small and slim. She is wearing glasses. We like the way she dresses and her pink jacket is quite recognizable. She likes working with a pointer. She is one of the most experienced teachers in our school. She can make complicated things understandable. We never waste time in vain at the lessons. We’ve learned that she likes gardening very much. When she was young, she was very sportive.


Gulnazira Vasilievna

I’d to tell you about another teacher of our class. In her childhood she enjoyed playing volleyball, she was very bossy and liked to give orders to other people and even now at her lessons she teaches us how to manage with this complicated life.

She is in her fifties but doesn’t look her age. She has got a round face with impressive eyes. Her hair started getting grey. She is a bit plumpish. But it does nothing to do with her character. She is a very interesting person. She is strict but fair. She knows how to make us learn her subject. She teaches us to understand the past of our country, learn a lot of dates connected with great events.


Nina Pavlovna

She teaches us one of our new subjects. She was born in Leninogorsk and learned in our school, liked playing basketball and other sport games. She is good at cooking Russian pelmeni.

She is neither tall nor small. She is slim. Her face is oval with freckles which make her face attractive. Her hair is fair and short. The subject she teaches is difficult because we have to try to put science into practice doing different experiments. But it’s so interesting! Who is she?


Ilyusya Marselievna

This teacher helps us to travel all over the country. She has been teaching in our school for a long time. She is short and plumpish, she has got dark straight hair. She has a round face with confident expression and kind beautiful eyes. Her lessons are always interesting. She tells us a lot about different countries. She is an adventurous person. She is fond of travelling and never loses a chance to go on hikes with her family and her friends.


Nadezhda Victorovna.

She has been teaching us since we were in the 7form. At first we didn’t like her because she looked very strict, but later we understood she is one of best teachers in our school. Now we appreciate her modesty and honesty, her kindness and generosity. She knows her subject very well and can make difficult things understandable. Thanks to her we learned to solve problems in her subject. But you know it is not an easy matter. She is not only a skilled teacher, but a kind and understanding person. My classmates and I know how it’s sometimes difficult to teach and find a common language with us. But she does her best to do it . We respect her very much. She is so fond of her subject and wants us to love it too. And I think she succeeds in it. By the way when she was young, she liked to play volleyball and basketball. She likes lilacs very much and loves to cook buns, cakes and pies.


So you see the teachers working in our class are competent, understanding, ready to give a helping hand to every pupil, that’s why we are very thankful to them for everything they do.

Some years ago our teachers were also young and studied at school. Of course, time passed and they grew older and changed. But how great these changes are. Let’s find them out! Try to recognize them in these photos. Who is who?

(Учащиеся выполняют задание на интерактивной доске, на которой представлены фотографии их наставников в юности и сейчас)

VIII. Подведение итогов урока.

Домашнее задание: написать сочинение “The person I admire”.