Сценарий сказки The Sad Princess

Scene 1 At the palace

Narrator This is Princess Anne. She is got a big palace and beautiful clothes. But she is not happy. There is a magic spell on Princess Anne. She cannot laugh. She cannot smile. She is the Sad Princess.

Flowers, birds and animals (Song)

Princess Anne can not smile or sing.

No, she can not laugh at anything. alouette

The magic spell is bad, bad, bad.

And Princess Anne is sad, sad, sad.

Queen Oh, what a terrible spell.

Anne is so sad. Prince Harry, make Anne laugh. Then you can marry her.

Prince Harry Oh, look, Anne. I can sing and dance.

Prince Robert Anne, listen. I can play the guitar.

(lavender’s blue dilly, dilly lavender’s green. When I am king dilly,dilly you shall be queen

Prince Tom Anne, marry me

. I wrote it for you won’t you listen and give me a chance simple a love song you still get the words

Queen It is no good. She is not laughing.

Scene 2 In the woods

Prince John I love Princess Anne. She is very beautiful.

Clown Hello. My name is Punchinello.

Prince John Hello, Punchinello.

Clown I can help you. You can marry the Princess.

Prince John Me? But I am not rich. I am a poor prince.

Clown But you can make her laugh. I can help you. Come on. Let’s go to the palace.

Scene 3 At the palace

Prince John Hello, Princess Anne. My name is John. I am not a rich prince, but I love you and I can make you laugh. Please watch my friend the Clown.

Clown Watch this. It is my favourite trick.

Flowers, birds and animals (Song)what can we do for you princess?

What can you do, Punchinello?

Prince John It is no good. Let’s go.

Clown Oh dear. I am sorry. Oooops!

Anne Oh, ha, ha! That is very funny!

Queen Anne! You are laughing! You are laughing!

Anne Oh, I am happy! The spell is over! Hooray!

Queen Clown, you are very clever. You can marry Princess Anne.

Clown Oh, er, thank you. But I don not love her. Prince John loves her.

Anne Oh, and I love Prince John. Can I marry John, please?

Queen Oh, well, er…if you are…really happy…

Oh, she is happy at last. Yes, yes. You can marry Anne.

John & Anne Oh, thank you!

All Hooray!

All (Song) If you happy and you know it clap your hands

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2 Принцесса

3 Королева

4Принц гари

5Принц роберт

6Принц том

7Принц джон




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