Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия на английском языке A Song For You

Сценарий литературно-музыкального вечера «Песня для тебя»

Музыка. Зелюнка Диана: – Hello, dear guests! We are so happy to see you here today. We’d like to show you our concert “A Song For You”. I hope your criticism won’t be so tough; we are not professionals, are we? And we’ll try to do our best to live up to your expectations!

Занавес открывается. Пары персонажей стоят в глубине сцены. (или двигаются?) Звучит музыка из к/ф «Ш.Холмс». Выходит Миссис Хадсон.

-Who are all these people? They look so strange! What are they doing in my house? (в сторону кулис) – Mr. Holmes! Mr. Holmes! (Выходит Холмс)- My dear Mr. Holmes, can you explain who are all these people?

Холмс – Yes, of course, Mrs. Hudson. It’s quite easy. (Смотрит через лупу.) All of them are characters from well-known books written by famous English and American writers. Here are Romeo and Juliet created by Shakespeare, Alice and Cheshire Cat created by Louis Carrol, Mowglie and Bagira created by Rudyard Kipling, Aunt Polly and Tom Sawyer created by Mark Twain, Winnie, Rabbit and Piglet created by Alan Miln and, of course, you and me, dear Mrs. Hudson! Do you remember who were we created by?

М. Хадсон – Of course, I do. By our dearest Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Холмс – Right. They will all help us conduct our concert.

М. Хадсон и Ш. Холмс.

- And who are these strange-looking people? They are certainly not English!

- It’s elementary, Mrs. Hudson! They are Spanish. They also want to take part in our concert.

Our first song is for you, Mrs. Hudson.


Выходят Маугли и Багира.

M. – We are of the same blood — you and I!

Б. –I greet you, the human cub! You grew up in a wolf pack and they taught you a lot of things. You are so strong, fast and brave!

M. – Stop flattering me! There are animals that are stronger, faster and braver than me.

Б. – But you are a human, and you are the cleverest of all!

M. – Even cleverer than Kaa?

Б – Sure! Kaa can’t even sing!!!

M. – Neither can I!

Б. – But you can learn to, because you are a human! People always sing when they feel happy.

M.- OK, this song is for you, Bagira!

Н. ЕжоваUnbreak my heart“

3. Выходят Маугли и Багира

Dont Speak

Выходят Алиса и Чеширский Кот.

– Cheshire Puss! (Улыбка в зал)- Would you tell me please which way I ought to go from here?

Ч. Кот – That depends on where you want to get to.

– I don’t much care where.

Ч. Кот – Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.

А. – So long as I get somewhere.

Ч. Кот — Oh, you are sure to do that if you only walk long enough.

А. -That can’t be denied.

Ч. Кот – This song is for you, Alice!

Ксения Пескишева. “Oops!… I Did It Again”

Выходят Винни-Пух, Кролик и Пятачок

– I feel like having a little something!

– Winnie, Winnie, Why don’t we visit our friend Rabbit?

I am sorry, why me?! Let’s visit Winnie!

No, I am afraid, that will not be a good plan!!!

Wnnie, Winnie, look here! They are having a concert here! Let’s stay and listen to a song…


Выходят Ромео и Джульетта. (на фоне музыки — тихо)

Ромео — I love you so much, my dear Juliet!

Джульетта — Oh, Romeo, you told me so much about your love, but you’ve never sung a song for me.

Р.- I am sorry, my heart, I wll never get tired of speaking about my love to you, but actually I can’t sing.

Дж. — If you can’t sing yourself, invite some singers!

Р.- For your sake, my darling, I am ready to do anything! Come on, my friends! This song is for you, my dear Juliet!

Настя Кульчицкая Мила Морозова Once Upon a December

6. Выходят Т. Полли И Том Сойер.

Т .П.(шаркая) – Tom! Tom! Where is that boy, I wonder?

(Появляется Том с рогаткой)

- Well, what’s the matter…?

- Don’t what me, you naughty boy! I am hoping to skin you alive, and no mistake.

- Auntie, what have I done?

- Well, you have done enough these few days. But forget it for a while. Do you remember that it’s our turn to present the next song to our listeners?

- Of course not! Виталий Лобойкин. “Roll With The Wind”This song is for you, Auntie!

- You, naughty boy!

7. Выходят Т. Полли и Том Сойер

Аня Гукасян и Настя Ежова. — “Objection tango

8. Выходят все персонажи по парам. В руках таблички :






Гирина Т. - Pink Floyd. “Another Brick In the Wall”

9. Зелюнка Диана — Of course, it was a joke. We realize well enough that we all need education. Thank you for staying with us! But that is not all!

Now our Friends from Sunny Spain will dance and sing for us. (говорит по-испански)

10. Выходят девочки на испанский танец.

11. Песня “La Camisa Negra

Выходят Д. Зелюнка и Н. Рыжкова - Thank you for staying with us! Bye! (То же на испанском)