Active and Passive Voice 6 класс Учебник ОВАфанасьева ИВ Михеева

Use Active or Passive Voice. Be attentive!

This dress (to buy) by my mother three years ago. But it looks perfect.

I (to give) a sheet of paper by my teacher yesterday. And I (to have) 30 minutes to write a test.

Such animals like tigers and lions usually (to keep) in cages.

My friend (to phone) me tomorrow.

We (to invite) to the party yesterday evening. The party (to be) on the second of November (in a week).

Mary (to send) letters every Sunday. But this letter (to send) tomorrow.

The windows (to wash) by John and Lizzy last week. Next time Bill and Rosy (to do) it.

My house (to build) by my grandfather. When I (to grow up) I (to build) a new house myself.

The Passive Voice (to explain) to us at the last lesson.

Sam usually (to drink) milk in the morning. But apples usually (to eat) by him in the evening.

Key: 1) was bought; 2) was given; had; 3) are kept; 4) will phone; 5) were invited; will be; 6) sends; will be sent; 7) were washed; will do; 8) was built; grow up, will build; 9) was explained; 10) drinks; are eaten.